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I may be Grendel, you may be right

Recently, I was listening to Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right” while reading John Gardner’s Grendel and it just came to me that I seem to resonate with another literary character, Grendel from Beowulf.

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Talent worth noticing: UCLA guitar ensemble and the Los Angeles Street Dance Collective

June starts off with a great set of performances here that either a) were scheduled at times people weren’t able to make (such as before college final exam season, or too early for most people to wake up for), b) located in places that were hard to find (especially with parking issues), or c) did not reach as many people as they could have who would have made that extra effort to see.

To start off, I went to my friend’s guitar ensemble and got a few songs, showcasing some great pieces that would be a shame for others outside of the small audience to not hear. Continue reading

All the taiko you need: 43 songs + 1 performed by 12 teams over two weekends

The Taikonauts thank every taiko team for being awesome

After two weeks of running around and fumbling with my phone’s camera function, battery life limitations, memory card space, and lack of HD capabilities, I present to you two playlists of some amazing taiko performances that all happened in the course of two weeks. Continue reading

Mid-April review, Part 3/5: Indonesian Culture Night and Worldfest

Indonesian Culture Night and Worldfest on April 10th and 13th respectively were one of the reasons I love living near my old alma matter at UCLA, as well as makes me wonder why I didn’t do this as much when I was an undergraduate. Continue reading

Mid-April review, Part 1/5: A Global Network of Humanistic Education

Part of the reason I keep blogging is because I need to be able to remember what I’m doing, followed by being a way to let people who follow me what I’m up to when an individual e-mail doesn’t come from me for a long time. Unfortunately, when I get so busy that I don’t blog for over a week, I don’t worry about people thinking I’m in prison or dead, I worry that I won’t be able to remember what I’m up to in life. Continue reading