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Mid-November Meditations

Recently, I posted several thoughts on my feed that brought a lot of approval, so here they are with a little side commentary as a preface to them.

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Vignettes: a multilingual exploration

Back in high school, an assignment given to us was to put together a series of quotes from any source to form an idea or theme that, upon reading all of the quotes in a series, would allow the reader to discover the deeper meaning with all of the voices put together. So here I am with a vignette I made, which is purposefully in multiple languages. If you have any doubts–get on Google Translate or search for the where these quotes were all taken from. Continue reading

Memorable quotes: Umar Ibn Muhammad Suhrawardi

Traveling should permit the subtle properties of the soul to be discovered, and its foolishness and arrogance be cast out. Because one may scarcely understand what this is without traveling. – Umar Ibn Muhammad Suhrawardi Continue reading

The Art of Worldly Wisdom: Know How To Transplant Yourself

Baltasar Gracian’s Art of Worldly Wisdom is essential reading in anyone’s library. I found this rather fitting for the Third Culture Kid context.

Aphorism #198 Know how to transplant Yourself. Continue reading

A series of sudden realizations

The following is a little reflection I came up with that I share because it helped me before, and since it has been proven to help others around me in recent times going through self-rejection, depression, and pain. I’m not feeling bad right now because I think with the support I have, I feel pretty good about myself. To that end, whenever anyone rejects themselves or feels unloved, I think that these words, or something like these, should be shared with them to allow them to consider their self-worth more. Continue reading