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Ten years later: a new passport, a new identity, a new path

I just got my new passport in the mail last week because little did I realize before heading off to Indonesia this summer, I was already approaching the time to renew it which is December of this year. However, most places won’t even let me in if the passport expires in six months, so I went out to take care of it as early as possible. Continue reading

How couch surfing and staying in hostels made me a better human being

Every now and then, I find myself getting depressed or angry about the state of the world and the way some human beings act. Sometimes they are awesome, showing compassion, other times, they are cruel and parasites, taking whatever they can and not caring about the rest of the world and its people. After moving around as a Third Culture Kid and traveling, I had a sudden realization that made a lot of sense. Continue reading

My four stages to become a Third Culture Kid Globalist

It’s a bit hard to fit a model to your own life, but it’s also hard to transform your own experiences into a model without being too general. Based on some of the  responses from my previous entry, I thought it would be good to clarify first that I’m not speaking for everyone, but I am making an idealized structure to model the process of growing into maturity as I see it. In other words, it’s an opinion and ideal, not a fact. Hit the jump to see my own experience and how I based the four stages of growth on that. Continue reading

Four Stages to Becoming a Third Culture Kid Globalist

Being a Third Culture Kid to me meant a lot of different things at different times of my life, and one of the most consistent qualities I’ve associated with the label is that I wear it like a badge of pride, and a name brand. At the time of this writing, I’ve spent years reflecting on label, the identity, the experience, and now the opportunities and potential being a TCK offers.

To that end, I’ve created a four phase chronology of what I think all Third Culture Kids should follow toward eventually becoming globalists, based off of my own experience. I don’t speak for everyone, but I do know that there are definitely going to be many parallels with each other in similar experiences. I believe the simplest definition of a globalist is to be someone who thinks in terms of “we, we, we” instead of “me, me, me”, who looks at the world’s issues as his or her own issues too, and who strives to use their potential to give more instead of taking more. Continue reading

The “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” Project

As of 1 August 2011, the “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” project has begun, and I have started a second blog to chronicle its focus. You can check it out at . I’ll be posting weekly updates on the blog and YouTube channel vlogs to share my progress on brainstorming, defining, planning, researching, fundraising, execution, and finalization. A page for this has been added for easy access from my top menu. Keep posted for more information as this project evolves!