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Vignettes: a multilingual exploration

Back in high school, an assignment given to us was to put together a series of quotes from any source to form an idea or theme that, upon reading all of the quotes in a series, would allow the reader to discover the deeper meaning with all of the voices put together. So here I am with a vignette I made, which is purposefully in multiple languages. If you have any doubts–get on Google Translate or search for the where these quotes were all taken from. Continue reading

The “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” Project

As of 1 August 2011, the “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” project has begun, and I have started a second blog to chronicle its focus. You can check it out at . I’ll be posting weekly updates on the blog and YouTube channel vlogs to share my progress on brainstorming, defining, planning, researching, fundraising, execution, and finalization. A page for this has been added for easy access from my top menu. Keep posted for more information as this project evolves!

Talent worth noticing: UCLA guitar ensemble and the Los Angeles Street Dance Collective

June starts off with a great set of performances here that either a) were scheduled at times people weren’t able to make (such as before college final exam season, or too early for most people to wake up for), b) located in places that were hard to find (especially with parking issues), or c) did not reach as many people as they could have who would have made that extra effort to see.

To start off, I went to my friend’s guitar ensemble and got a few songs, showcasing some great pieces that would be a shame for others outside of the small audience to not hear. Continue reading