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All the taiko you need: 43 songs + 1 performed by 12 teams over two weekends

The Taikonauts thank every taiko team for being awesome

After two weeks of running around and fumbling with my phone’s camera function, battery life limitations, memory card space, and lack of HD capabilities, I present to you two playlists of some amazing taiko performances that all happened in the course of two weeks. Continue reading

Being the “other” and being “like”

In a recent Mother Jones article <>, the new anti-Obama rhetoric targets his “otherness” now that the birther argument is dead. Quote from this article: that Obama’s “worldview is dramatically different than any president, Republican or Democrat, we’ve had… He grew up more as a globalist than an American. To deny American exceptionalism is in essence to deny the heart and soul of this nation.” Continue reading

Borrowed Identities: My Life as a Third Culture Kid and an Accidental Asian-American

I’m constantly asking myself where my identity as a Third Culture Kid ends and status as an Asian-American begins. Compared to most Asian-Americans who have the privilege of a distinct identity, I don’t really seen myself as Asian-American, but rather Asian and American from my time moving between Hong Kong, Manila, and the U.S., which as a result, also made me a Third Culture Kid due to movement between cultures. Continue reading

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2011 and C3 Conference for Creative Content

Wow. Just wow. After a dynamite opening gala party at the Director’s Guild of America on 28 April 2011, the past few days have been nothing but more inspiration and motivation to keep on fighting. It is a great time to be Asian and Asian-American in the arts community, both because of the growing acceptance of Hollywood for Asians as regulars as opposed to exotic foreigners or denizens, and because of how new media–particularly YouTube–is where Asians are becoming a dominant force. Continue reading

The “Asians in the Library” panel at UCLA Law, followed by a Third Culture Kid Perspective

Part I: Background

“Too soon” does not begin to describe the following video that was posted shortly after the tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 2011, which was posted by UCLA undergraduate student Alexandra Wallace on Youtube, shortly before being pulled on Sunday night, but not before mirrors of the video were posted and numerous reactions erupted. Continue reading

Mid-April review, Part 5/5: “Khmericans?”

Here we are with yet another event from UCLA’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies, this time with their colloquium, “Are We Khmericans?” based on a study of the largest community of Cambodians in the United States, Long Beach, California. Continue reading

Mid-April review, Part 4/5: Legacies of Violence in Southeast Asia Conference at UCLA

On April 15 and 16, UCLA’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) held Legacies of Violence, a special conference on human rights issues in Southeast Asia. Being one of my key interests, I went there to listen to the discussions that had an emphasis on Indonesia, Papua, Aceh, and Timor-Leste. Continue reading