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The Japanese tale of Urashima Taro: On Home, Repatriation, Third Culture Kids, Asian Americans, and My Father

Sometimes I feel the best friends I ever had were imaginary. There are very few people to relate to, and the friends I had were in the stories I could escape to. The life of a vagabond, a Third Culture Kid, and a young man trapped lost between cultures in some metaphysical space run parallel to the most common telling of the Japanese tale of Urashima Taro. Continue reading

Ten years later: a new passport, a new identity, a new path

I just got my new passport in the mail last week because little did I realize before heading off to Indonesia this summer, I was already approaching the time to renew it which is December of this year. However, most places won’t even let me in if the passport expires in six months, so I went out to take care of it as early as possible. Continue reading

Cross Cultures Symposium Summary

I’m back from Indianapolis and jet lagging now. How can I jet lag after only being in a time zone difference of three hours? Because I was stranded in two airports keeping me awake for over 27 hours. Continue reading

“Where are you from?” doesn’t clarify, it categorizes

One of the questions that constantly annoys and irritates I and many fellow Third Culture Kids is the dreaded “Where are you from?” that no matter how many times we are asked, it doesn’t seem to get easier to answer, let alone tolerate. Continue reading

“Excuse me sir, you are not who you say you are”

One of my rude awakenings when I first came to the United States for college in 2002 came whenever I went anywhere that called my age into question. Whether it was to see an R-rated movie, buy alcohol, get into a club, or a government building, no passport or foreign driver’s license was accepted as identification. Continue reading

My four stages to become a Third Culture Kid Globalist

It’s a bit hard to fit a model to your own life, but it’s also hard to transform your own experiences into a model without being too general. Based on some of theĀ  responses from my previous entry, I thought it would be good to clarify first that I’m not speaking for everyone, but I am making an idealized structure to model the process of growing into maturity as I see it. In other words, it’s an opinion and ideal, not a fact. Hit the jump to see my own experience and how I based the four stages of growth on that. Continue reading

A short list of Asian women who inspire me

Let’s be honest here: I’m one of the many men who will freely and openly admit that many of my endeavors were all inspired by a girl at some point in time, usually to be in a position where I can impress a girl with what I have, can do, or know. As such, here’s a list of the few most influential women who have inspired me to go from being a quirky high school misfit into who I am today, women who have given me motivation to chase my dreams, and a drive to become cooler so that I can talk to them without feeling like I’m inferior to them. As I’ve gone on my journey, I realize that I don’t need to elevate them, I never did. In fact, we’re all the same, but what’s different now is that we all choose to climb the holy mountain so that we can reach our highest potential. Hit the jump to see who made the top ten. Continue reading