On gratitude, happiness, and cosmic awareness

People ask me why I’m happy, because there is a lot of doubt as to how someone can be positive in an age where gritty, imperfect, angst-ridden, and cynical is considered “real” and “more human” when they are only a small corner of the map of human emotions. Of course I live in that world, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t experience moments of anger and sadness, but I do not let those feelings control me, because if you look closely, happiness is everywhere on that map. Even Jesus and Mohammed experienced anger and despair, but they lived in love and happiness as their core being, which I do with mine.

That happiness begins with awareness and gratitude: I am alive, have two arms, legs, and eyes, I can see and hear clearly, I have ten fingers and ten toes, I have my education, I have a few people who love me as much as I love them, and I’ve got a good camera and computer to help me do the work I set out to do.

I do not strive do be a messiah nor do I profess to be better than anyone, and though I may take examples from Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishnamurti, Laozi, and all the other sages, my goal is self-mastery. Jesus and Mohammed knew this as well, and part of that is knowing who they are and who would follow them, because they certainly didn’t force their ideas on their enemies even if they lived with that inner rebellion in the face of adversity, never compromising themselves. Likewise, I do not compromise myself, and I certainly don’t need to be around the wrong people, which is why I will continue to be me and be grateful for whomever joins me in walking our golden paths.

“But you don’t even know where you’ll be after May! You don’t even have work lined up then and you don’t earn much!”

I don’t know what will happen after then, but I know what I have now, and now is all I have, not later. Who says that even if you weren’t working with a short timeline that you’ll still have it? Life can happen and still take it all away from you. So I live in the now and know anything can be given and taken away no matter what is written on paper.

I have more too: I wake up, and the sun is shining, the same one that shines all over the planet giving us light and life. I walk out at night, and I see that same starlit sky and moon, the same one everyone can see and realize this universe is bigger than our egos. And we are all made of stardust. Every atom of existence and matter on this planet is made of the same stuff that made the stars, transcending race, social class, nationality sex, and religion. When you know you’re not even a speck of dust in the universe, and this world, this reality is not perfect, how can you not be happy, knowing that society, material possessions, and everything else is all still small on the cosmic scale?

I come from the stars and will return to the stars. I will bring love from this cosmic awareness because I have the gift of life and am grateful for that honor. This body, which is merely a spacesuit of flesh and blood on this earthly plane, will expire one day, and I will return to the stars with the love I take from this world.


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