A Daoist observation on fitness and wellness

I’ve been reflecting on the cycle of life in my meditations and workouts.

On a “good” day, I’ll do 400-500 pushups.

On a “bad” day, I have done over a thousand (and I’ve had several “bad” days this week).

When I am good, happy, and living in love, I find myself content with what I have in stoic optimism, for I could lose it any day.

When I am not good, not satisfied, and living with disappointment, I am working hard to create a better opportunity instead of being a slave to circumstances.

I get stronger when I feel weak. I get weaker when I think I’m strong. I forget that many will not agree with me even when I and a few others love me as I am. I find ways to improve myself when I am distracted by the few who do not appear in the life I am trying to build for myself.

This is a cycle, so who is to determine what is “good” and what is “bad”?

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