October 2011 summary

Not much to say now, aside from the fact I’m tired, upset, and had a very long month. Didn’t go to Portland, Oregon because of school overwhelming me. However, a lot was written and accomplished, and you can find it all in these links here for what I’ve written on the blog and elsewhere.







2 responses to “October 2011 summary

  1. Indeed, October was quite a long month for you. A lot happened this month. I think you were the first in my feed to post about Yue Yue’s tragic incident. I appreciate lengthy opinions/discussions on things like these because most everyday people don’t seem to understand the social differences that exists a over the world.
    Kind of sucks you didn’t get to make your trip. You’ll make up for it sometime somewhere in between your busy schedule of saving the world John.
    I’m curious to know, what are your thoughts on the Occupy movement? And more so in depth (and specifically) Occupy Oakland? Well, if you’re following any of it at all.

  2. Thanks for following. I will send you a lengthy private reply to your e-mail this weekend, since I do have a lot to say about the Occupy movement, especially with how crazy it’s gotten (my twitter feed from Mother Jones alone is almost all Occupy Oakland). Otherwise, got a lot ahead for the next four weeks!

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