September 2011 summary

We’ve got slim pickings this month now that I’ve started the first term of graduate school. Expect it to be like this for the next year as I focus on the “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” project blog and school. Hit the jump to see what I’ve written this month. Just a few thoughts about how that irritating “Where are you from?” question really has no meaning to it! Culture shock exists, but did it ever go away once we became global nomads? A personal piece dealing with cruelty, even on the small level, to mice and men. Well look here! I got published in Denizenmag! My comments are here too, because I wasn’t in the U.S. in 2001. I’ve started submitting articles and posts for them to use on their radio show and blog! I’m writing for these guys now too! Whoa ho ho!

When you consider how I write for as well, Urdenet Cashmere, and for my project blog, I should start getting paid. Time to consider moving to a private personal domain outside of wordpress!

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