August 2011 Summary

I’m getting much busier this month now that I’ve started graduate school at UCSD and began my new venture, the “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” project blog. As a result, posts here are going to be less frequent to focus on graduate school and the project blog, but I will in no way be abandoning this blog. Just a warning for those who wonder why posts are trickling instead of flooding like before.

The project blog was launched on 1 August, as you can see here:

Women have always been a big influence on my life, and here are the ten who have influenced me the most:

A very good quote for travelers and Third Culture Kids:

Four stages to becoming a Third Culture Kid Globalist and a shocking revelation:

My own four stages to becoming a globalist!

A little reflection on life when I first came to America for college:

A bitter moment that ended up in a positive catharsis when I realized everything is in its right place and I have exactly what I need to be strong alone while others have what they need to be in the company of many good friends.


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