July 2011 Summary

Another month down, and a long phase of my life ends on a positive note as this month marks my transition to graduate school, where I will begin my program in human rights and sustainable development in UCSD.

As of this month, I’m now in San Diego, and just moved in to my new apartment on campus at UCSD. Between my time in Los Angeles, I had a quick jaunt to San Francisco to rest up and prepare for the move and the beginning of classes on 1 August.

I’ve had a productive month, especially since 8asians.com <http://www.8asians.com/2011/07/20/im-a-third-culture-kid-not-a-1-5-generation-asian-american/> and p-3.ph <http://www.p-3.ph/view/248> both published my article clarifying what it means to be a Third Culture Kid and inspired by a spontaneous late afternoon snack with Ernie from 8asians.com and Mike from ThinkTaiwan.com. The article has gotten lots of views and responses, woohoo!

Moving here, I’ve enjoyed my time exploring the new environment and making use of the minimum two piece of kitchen equipment for a raw vegan kitchen, the dehydrator and the blender. I’ve also had more time to rest up since my roommate hasn’t moved in here yet, so it’s been a lot more time to rest and recover, which makes a big difference in attitude, energy level, waistline, and my skin.

Otherwise, my time has been spent exercising, reviewing Chinese, planning for potential internships around Southeast Asia next summer and a quick stop to Mongolia to see how my company Urdenet is doing (well, my friend’s company that I work for, rather), and parkour when the crowds and cops aren’t around.

Lastly, some friends came from Los Angeles and took me to SeaWorld on Saturday, to enjoy some final freedom before I start and wish me well.

Whales are okay

All in all, it’s a nice way to transition from Los Angeles to San Diego, the new phase of my life. Let’s see what happens when the new phase begins tomorrow as the first day of classes for my graduate program begins.

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2 responses to “July 2011 Summary

  1. Congrats on your newest chapter!

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