Moon Goddess: an old musing

A couple years ago on a January evening with my father, I played around with my camera settings and was inspired to write this after seeing what I had done with my pictures. I hope you all enjoy this.

One evening, I was alone with myself.

Thinking of nothing and everything, wondering who I am, where I came from, and where I’m going.

The solitude in cities, the kindness of strangers, and memories–perhaps dreamed of and imagined– memories of happier times stirred the heart.

Then the moon came and spoke to me, this evening. 

She flirted through the window, dancing with shadows.

She flickered through the night sky and played behind city lights.

She whispered the secrets of the heart, uttering familiar cautions in unfamiliar ways. 

And when she passed on, she promised she would come back.

In the secret smile of a woman sneaking a glance at me, in the little warmth that wakes me from dreaming, and in the faint melody that plays when I sit alone in silence.

Open my eyes, and she’s there. Open my heart, and she’s waiting.

You spend your whole life looking for someone, before you realize that someone is looking for you too.

A neon pilgrimage, a never ending story of light and darkness

Love will grow

Love is the answer

One response to “Moon Goddess: an old musing

  1. That’s awesome buddy. Completely awesome

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