June 2011 Summary

It’s been a long month, but I’ve done quite a lot with it: I am now a certificated (apparently that’s a real word), not a certified, paralegal after finishing my program at UCLA, I moved out of Los Angeles, and am now in San Francisco in the interim before I move to San Diego for graduate school. I’ve celebrated a sad father’s day, overcome burnout, recorded some great and talented guitarists, compiled a list of good documentaries for globalist education, and learned a good application for the 80/20 rule.

This month’s posts below:

Nightmares, insomnia, and burnout

Talent Worth Noticing

Samuel Ulman’s Youth

Sharing a little love: the universal language

Frankenstein and Third Culture Kids

One year later: the loneliest father’s day

A gayer world

Travel essentials: toilet paper

Some essential documentaries for a globalist education

The duty of Third Culture Kids to be Globalists

Leaving Los Angeles and the 80/20 rule

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