Saturday 20110312

Today I woke up and went to practice with my Parkour team, PKLA, and improved my technique for cat running and monkey vault. Part way through, one of the new guys and I decided to have a few friendly rounds to spar and work on our reflexes, technique, and skills, me with my varied background (where I defaulted mostly to Wing Chun and Muay Thai), and his MMA.

Later on, I went to Santa Monica and dropped by the herbalist to get a consultation. Apparently, I’m a rarity because I’m not just taking herbal supplements as a way to counter my unhealthy lifestyle, much to the friendly herbalist’s delight. As a result of taking reishi and cordyceps herbal supplements, super foods, eating fruits and avoiding the unhealthy stuff, exercising, doing qi gong, taiko, bboying, and martial arts, I’m on my way to a balanced and long, healthy life. Thanks to his analysis, I can get the herbs I need and recommendations for making my pursuit of longevity and good health more efficient for the life I live.

Along the way, I ran into a demo booth for the Nintendo 3DS.

Dinosaur eating 3DS demo tent

3DS testing tent

Later on, I went for a bike ride toward Malibu but turned back after a few miles and went to Venice, then back to the Santa Monica Pier. It was an extremely crowded day, so I was constantly alerting that I was coming up from behind people who were walking and hogging the bike path shuffling their feet, roller blading, or riding slowly.

After that, I went to the market to buy some groceries, and now I am here, sipping on some chamomile tea with St. John’s Wort and honey mixed in to relax and think back to what makes me thankful for this day to myself.

One of the things I’ve learned is that I don’t necessarily consider myself “good” at the things I do, because I’m always trying to improve myself. Yet, I have fun doing them and have a strong passion too. Since passion is very visible to those watching, they can see the fun and I end up looking good doing my hobbies even if I may not be skilled. The difference is that I stick to my interests and hobbies regardless of whether or not others join me. If I meet others who share the same interest, cool; if not, I’m perfectly happy going out alone and continuing my pursuit of fun.

Another thing I’ve learned in life is that there are two types of friends: the first are those who have been through what I have, and understand; the second are those who may not have been through the same, but make an effort to listen and genuinely care about trying to help me with the way I feel about what has happened to me throughout life. Everyone else I don’t consider friends, mainly because they think they know what I’m talking about or disregard my feelings, and offer advice that just doesn’t make sense.

One example was a girl who said I should stop complaining about my knee surgery, without realizing how traumatic surgery is to people and how it is one of those tests to see who your true friends really are. She never had surgery, and when I told her that she just didn’t know what she was talking about, she blew up at me.

Another example was an individual who was telling me to pump gas, work in call centers, at McDonald’s, or retail–without realizing I was asking for advice on how to find work in her city over on the east coast; she didn’t answer my question and basically offered extremely bad life advice instead of giving me tips and hints for finding work in my field. None of her advice applied, especially since she never worked in those menial labor jobs, nor had she ever been poor or homeless–she still lived with her parents and “worked” for her father’s friend while using her earnings to explore her vices such as alcohol.

It’s this balance I strive for through the activities I pursue, the people I interact with, food I eat, and work I do. I don’t hate or dislike anyone who doesn’t fit into the category of friends I mentioned earlier, nor do I hold anything against anyone I mentioned in those examples. It’s all about me right now, and I just want to live as best as I can, do some good in this world, and be happy and healthy.

This year is so far so good. I hope to keep the momentum going and continue being strong, healthy, happy, and balanced. Anything can happen, but it all depends on how ready I am to deal with it and adapt. For now, I am enjoying what I have in this present moment.


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