Some progress to celebrate

It’s a new year all over again, now that Chinese New Year has come and gain, and it’s the Year of the Rabbit!

Let’s start things out with the big news: my top choice graduate school, UCSD, has accepted me for their program in MPIA this fall! So it looks like I have made a big leap by getting accepted into the program! There is a small chance the school may change their minds because the department recommended me for admission, though… But, the department believes I belong there, and everyone says the whole bit about recommending me for admission is merely a formality.  As far as they’re concerned, I’m in, without a doubt.

Now I have option A and B: option A is to finish my paralegal program, go to grad school, then finish the program, and then start rockin’ the planet. Option B is to not go to grad school, finish my paralegal program, find work as a paralegal and act on the side, then volunteer at a human rights group, experiment, and travel. Both options lead to the next phase, which is law school. The biggest factor in deciding if I go is money, and I don’t have much of that now, especially with existing student loan debt. Unless of course, I win my scholarship and fellowship money, but we shall see.

My paralegal program started at the beginning of this month and it is rather intense–and I’m loving it. I never realized how much fun law can be (and how silly it is too) since I began this. It reminds me of my father, trying to pass the torch to me, forcing an interest in law. If he saw me now, he would be so proud of me. I would also tell him that this interest had to come naturally, because by dragging me to court and working in his office, I never got a real feeling for it because it was hard to separate my father’s character from my experience with a law office. Right now, I see that isn’t necessarily a typical law office, but he definitely gave it a personality.

I’ve also been pretty busy with taiko and DJ classes when I’m not working out at the gym training for triathlon and developing my strength and form. Today I also went to meet up with Parkour L.A., a group I met online and was delighted to see that I picked up some old forms and new moves I lost after my knee surgery. Some videos here show how much fun we’ve had:

And of course, I do have to show my new friend Joe, AKA DJ Hectik’s skills here in our DJ class.

All in all, I’m pretty active and having fun. That’s what life should be about. As you can see in these videos, actions speak louder than words, pictures say a thousand words, and each movie is comprised of multiple shots to form a moving picture. So what does this all say to you? Wink wink.

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