A new season

Everyone who got to see the lunar eclipse on the night of the winter solstice, I was asleep. Why did I sleep? Because I just arrived in San Francisco to spend a week here with my mother. Should I have stayed awake to see it? Well, I would have–if it were not for the rain and the clouds that blocked the sky. To my disappointment though, my mother said after 2:00am PST, the sky was clear and orange. Guess I’ll have to wait another 400 years to see the next one.

Reflecting upon the changes I’ve undergone this fall, I am very confident and positive for my future now. In three weeks, thanks to my friends who support me and guide me, my money and time are in order and I feel in control of my life. As a result of that, I have moved out of my cockroach/bedbug/lice-infested apartment in Koreatown and back to Westwood. Now I can cook, not worry about the bus schedule and losing time going back and forth, and sleep in a clean, quiet environment.

Up next: I am registered for taiko and DJ classes in UCLA’s recreation center, to expand my repertoire and skills from January through March. What’s stopping me? I’ve got more ahead of me than behind me. Over the previous weekend, a friend and I went to a voice acting session and I recorded a few lines for a couple commercials and voice-overs–I’ve been called to come in again because they are impressed with my voice.

I’ve always wanted to be an actor, at least on the side. People have always told me I have a great announcer’s voice, that I should do voice-over work and act. They’ve also told me to be a lawyer because I’m analytical and love to argue, and to be a writer because of my skills.

I want it all, actually. For the first time, I believe I can do all of that. By the time I’m 40, I hope to 1) have established myself as an actor and done a few major productions in film, voice acting for anime and video games, and stage; 2) written a book or two; 3) own a cafe/inn/bar in Boracay in the Philippines for my friends to have a place to come to any time to enjoy the sunsets, monsoons, beach, and simple life; 4) have a license to practice law in New York and California; 5) free from debt; and 6) have a family to call my own that loves and supports me and my goals, while knowing I will do everything I can to give them the best life.

This all has to begin with the first step, and after that, one step at a time. We shall see where it goes, but I firmly believe and know life is going to be good. Not smooth sailing, but good. Actually, no. Life is good now.

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