27 and the cycle comes full-circle

Happy 27th birthday to me. I woke up this morning and felt like the past 27 years were all just a bad dream that I can leave behind.

It’s a bit odd to celebrate my birthday, considering everything that has happened. Especially when I woke up from a dream of killing my adversary, a shark, and near the end of bludgeoning him, I realized the cruelty and absurdity of destroying him with all the anger and hatred, before waking up. I haven’t smiled once all day, but I have received messages in my phone, e-mail, and Facebook. Definitely nice to be acknowledged and remembered.

Started out by showering and riding the bus over to Santa Monica Pier, then reflecting and tossing a good luck quarter (one with my birth year on it) into the ocean and making my birthday wish: to have my 28th birthday, taking a break from my graduate program at UCSD, laughing about all of this hell I’ve been through because it will be behind me then, over pizza with friends celebrating and congratulating me, then riding home on my motorcycle with the love of my life and doing what we do best all night long.

Came back and had Indonesian food for lunch with Dennis, where we discussed future plans and he gave me some encouraging words. So I hopped to it and did as much as I could within my own control for my financial aid stuff for my paralegal program which I am enrolling in at UCLA Extension for January.

Later I met up with my sister and cousin for sushi in Westwood and they had the server bring in a candle with tempura ice cream and sing happy birthday. I then left and recorded the Yukai Taiko performance at the UCLA Beat ‘SC rally, then promptly left and uploaded the video:

As I finish this, I think of another wish, because it’s a song that has been in my head and iPod all day: The Goonies theme song by Cyndi Lauper. If I could have my way, I’d have my own adventure like the Goonies did, with great friends and fun times, and treasure, happy endings, and the magic of it all, with me as the hero and star.

At least I can go to sleep tonight and dream. We shall see which wish comes true. There’s much hard work to be done now. This is another year ahead of me.


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