Update of the month

So apparently, with everything that’s gone on over the past month, I don’t get to follow my recently established schedule of bi-monthly life updates on top of regular posts. It’s October 23 and I’m posting for the first time this month. Wow.

It’s been quite the maelstrom of chaos recently. In chronological order, I asked a girl out and was basically attacked by one of those crazy Kansas jerks who claims to be a Christian minister, but obviously didn’t act like one. He had the audacity to threaten to get me fired from my job at the next door pizza parlor I worked in–him, a manager of a boba store. Boba Loca in Westwood. Funny: I thought Christians were known to be forgiving instead of running around threatening people and refusing to hear them out whenever they’ve committed some wrong. He refused to hear me out and threatened me, got in my face, close to fighting me, telling me there is no mollification or understanding, and he interrupts me every time in mid-sentence because he has no reason to listen to stupidity. I don’t know what this guy is, but he sure isn’t Christian. Shame on the girl too: I asked her out, she says yes, and then really means no and sends her gorilla after me. Oh well. At the very least, I got back at him when my boss at the pizza parlor asked me nicely to step back for a bit, but blew up when I told him the boba shop manager threatened to have me fired due to his influence over him. My boss, unimpressed, let me know that that guy is going to hell for having the balls to do that. I love honesty, especially when I called this moron’s bluff.

After that encounter, I threw my hands up and said to hell with it, and studied for my motorcycle license test, which I passed! Now I am officially ready to save up for a motorcycle. That’s something to celebrate for the end of September!

The highlight was when my cousin came from Australia for a week in early October to visit me and his girlfriend. We had lots of fun, driving down to San Diego so I can get questions answered at UCSD, which made me feel a lot more confident about my application. Spur of the moment, we decided to drive to Tijuana, Mexico and have lunch there. The border guard asked what the hell a Canadian and American were doing in Mexico for lunch, to which I almost replied “Waiting in traffic for two hours to come back.”

Since then, my life consists of a routine of waking up to go to the gym, then spend my day studying for the GRE. I took it yesterday and failed miserably. During practice tests, I scored high on verbal and average on math, but for the real thing, scored average on math and horribly on verbal. At this point, I am ready to ask admissions to overlook my GRE score.

From this point, I am considering moving up to San Francisco for a while to save money, because work isn’t giving me enough hours and I seriously need to struggle to live here now. What would I do up there? Play taiko, exercise, improve my Chinese, work, and save up for a new motorcycle.

One response to “Update of the month

  1. RE: Funny: I thought Christians were known to be forgiving instead of running around threatening people and refusing to hear them out whenever they’ve committed some wrong.

    You are wise enough not to let nutball extremists represent a whole community which is as diverse as the world itself.

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