Into the woods

Somewhere in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, I’m here with Pat snoring away on his bed and me getting in a workout while uploading pictures online and trying to remember what happened so far with today’s adventures. We went to Cornell University and I determined that I would definitely be able to focus there, since it’s in the middle of the sticks. Almost all of upstate New York is white-bred farmland, with nothing to do but study. Add to the fact Cornell has one of the best Asian studies departments in the country and world, and I have a winner.

Our plans to go to Niagara Falls got cut as a result of dropping by Cornell in Ithaca, NY, even though we mentioned possibly going to Niagara and spending the night there from Ithaca. Now the plan is to go straight to Pittsburgh. Pat has a potential new job, which is good for both of us since the sooner I get to Pittsburgh, the sooner I can look for work and pay him back for all his help since the bulk of this trip was from him, not me. I’ve covered some gas, food, and lodging, but he understands all the money I have in the world is a few hundred dollars, plus a lot of debt to credit card companies, student loans, and borrowed from other people, including him.

After many long days of junk food, McDonald’s dollar menu meals, chips, popcorn, sweets, and gatorade, I am getting ready to get back into action in Pittsburgh. A lot of energy was consumed walking all around these towns, but I still feel bloated from all of the junk. Still: eating well and sampling the local cuisines were well-worth it. After all: who wastes life experience by being cheap? Well, that itself is life experience, an experience in frugality and survival, but I’m here to enjoy to the fullness of my wallet and stomach. I can always earn more money later.

Some pictures are up now of the trip through New England. Here they are on my Flickr, the New England photostream.

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