On the Road

Jack Kerouac, I’m going to make you proud. Left at 10:30 from College Park, Maryland, after getting no sleep with jet lag from the west coast and freakishly loud thunder striking in the vicinity like a shotgun cocked within earshot. Spent most of the evening eating raw eggs and cereal, and making plans for this road trip.

For the most part, today was spent fading in and out of consciousness while Pat drove us around and we spent eleven bucks on toll fare, which is why over here in the east coast, they distinguish between highway and freeway. But hey, if they raised taxes here, they wouldn’t need the toll fares, no?

We walked around Philadelphia and saw University of Pennsylvania and Dexter University, having a long conversation with the wind blowing periodically to cool us off on a warm overcast day, with some drizzling. Around lunchtime, we were so hungry, we had Philadelphia cheese steak for the first time in the city it’s known for. Of course, we were so hungry I never got a picture of it since my instinct was to grab the food before realizing I should record this.

Most of the money went to paying the parking fees, which were thirteen bucks, and as high as thirty for a mere hour and a half. So my plan of hitting the Chinatown in every city we go to ended up being over an hour of driving around looking for parking before conceding that we won’t eat there and just took this drive as our Philadelphia Chinatown experience. It was a lot more interesting than the Chinatown in Washington D.C., I will admit.

Now in New Jersey, we ate at Applebee’s and concluded that it’s the worst place to eat, period. $36 poorer, the dollar menu at McDonald’s would’ve been more worthwhile and easier to stomach. Pat’s KTFO’d (knocked the F out) after driving and walking all day, and I’m still fading in and out because of the jet lag, my metabolism, and napping twice today.

Next stops: Springfield, Boston, and Northampton, Massachusetts.

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