First breath after coma

Hey, it’s Johnny C. A new lease on life and fresh start, everything I’ve left behind does not amount to everything I have ahead of me. So let’s see what the future brings. It all starts here, in Washington D.C., where I have woken up with nothing but a suitcase, my computer, and camera.

Here is the first song I play, by Explosions in the Sky, to mark this new beginning. It’s called “First Breath after Coma.”

Today I went around Washington D.C. after arriving from a long flight from Los Angeles. Don’t fly AirTran no matter how cheap it is. They told me there was going to be a two-hour delay, the plane is then ready in half an hour, we are delayed again in the air, the free wi-fi connection shuts down, 50 people who had connecting flights had to re-adjust to the fact we arrived at 2220, and some people had flights at 2200.  So I had to make a mad dash for 20 gates from the time I got off to the check-in counter, with my injuries and carry-on luggage, only to find they delayed it since too many people were missing their flight.

In D.C., we had awful Chinese food and went around the Fiesta Asian Festival. A few pics and videos for your viewing pleasure:

In front of the IRS building

The infamous monument

Lily’s song here was so beautiful, with her melodic voice and lyrics that sung right to me. I could relate and feel connected to her right then and there. She gave me a hug, her business card, and now I’m going to make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy her and her music the way I have. Check her out at her website.

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